Three Jobs For A Skid Steer

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If there is one piece of equipment that you want to own for jobs, it is a skid steer. There are so many different uses for a skid steer that you will be using it time and time again. One of the main reasons that a skid steer is so useful are all the different types of attachments. You can go from a bucket, to forks, to a backhoe. It can be difficult to change out these different attachments if you do not have a quick adapter. So get that quick adapter and your different skid steer attachments and you will will not run out of jobs for your skid steer. Here are three uses for a skid steer.

Building A Fence 

It can be difficult to get through the cobbled ground at times. If you are needing to build a fence through this type of rocky country, using an earth auger is going to be a great idea. An earth auger is an attachment for a skid steer that essentially is used to penetrate the earth. It has many uses from planting trees to building your fence. The fact of the matter is that you will be saving a lot of time by creating your fencepost holes with the auger over with a shovel.

Weed and Brush Removal

A skid steer with a bucket is usually seen as a way to flatten dirt or to pick up and remove gravel and dirt. However, with a reinforced bucket, it is possible to use the skid steer to remove small brush and weeds. It can be a pain to have to remove brush with a chainsaw, not to mention time consuming. Put your chainsaw down and start tearing up the small brush with the bucket of your skid steer. 

Rock Rake 

There are many different ways to pick rocks from a field. Old timers used to have to do it all by hand, and usually used the kids and grandkids for help. If you have a rock picker attachment for your skid steer, you will be able to pick the rocks from your field in no time. There are many different types of rock picker attachments with different capabilities. You may want a rock picker that will pick up a rock at a certain size, or one that picks up everything. You have choices when picking up your rock picker. A skid steer is one of the most versatile pieces of equipment.