Why Alfalfa Hay Is Good For Raising Horses

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Venturing into raising horses is a great business to get into, as it can bring you a nice income. You can rent the horses out for use in weddings, races, and other special occasions, or you can opt for selling them. If you want your horse to grow and be healthy, you must make sure they are seen by a veterinarian every now and then. However, one of the main things that you must consider is what you will feed to the horses. A great food to consider for your horses is alfalfa hay, as it will be beneficial in numerous ways. This article will give you more information about alfalfa hay so you will know if it is ideal for raising your horses.

Your Horses Will Receive High Levels of Protein

Protein is one of the main nutrients that horses need to live a healthy life. The best benefit of alfalfa hay is that there are large amounts of protein in it. The protein is great for consumption by horses that you intend on renting out for participating in races. Protein is ideal because it will keep your horses strong and productive. You will likely get more customers if your horses are able to be used for various things without them having to struggle to move around.

There Are More Calories Than in Regular Hay

You must keep in mind that it is possible for horses to get sick every now and then. A sick horse might not want to eat as much, which means he or she can lose large amounts of weight. Keeping a stock of alfalfa hay is a great way to bring sick horses back to a healthy condition. The calories in the hay are of higher levels than other hay types. Even if your sick horses consume a small amount of alfalfa hay, they can take in enough calories to keep their weight at a healthy level.

Small Amounts Will Be Sufficient for the Horses

Alfalfa hay is overall a horse food that is high in numerous nutrients. The concentration of nutrients in alfalfa hay is high enough for you to get away with feeding your horses smaller amounts than you would have to for regular hay. You would end up saving money on feeding costs because the hay will last for a long time. Keep a stock of regular hay on hand as well in case some of your horses will require fewer nutrients than others.