Advice When Investing In A Cattle Sorting Alley System

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If you have cows on your property and need them to go a certain direction for various activities, you can use cattle sorting alleys. They will keep cows contained and moving along in certain directions that you deem appropriate. Just make sure you use these tips when making this investment. 

Make Sure Multiple Directions Are Available 

If you have different pens for various cattle on your property, then you'll want to get a cattle sorting alley that allows you to send cows in different directions with the same system. That will save you from having to buy another alley ultimately.

Your cows can travel along the narrow corridor that's built and then be led in different directions depending on where you want certain cows to go. There will be arrows on the alley system's doors too so that you know which direction a pathway is leading cows.

Go With a Powder-Coated Steel Material

One of the most important properties to get out of a cattle sorting alley system is durability because it will be exposed to the elements outside, as well as frequent activity from cattle. You can effectively prevent damage from easily happening with this system if you ensure it is made out of powder-coated steel.

This is a material that won't easily damage, whether it's hit a lot by cows that move throughout this system or weather elements, like snow and rain, affect it. You then won't have to work as hard dealing with repairs and constant maintenance.

Look for Sheeted Sides

One thing that can happen with cows that move through a channel system is they get distracted by elements around them. You can keep this from ever happening if you make sure your cattle sorting alley system has sheeted sides. There won't be any spaces for the cattle to look through and potentially get distracted.

Rather, the cows will continue moving along this system until they reach the target destination that you have in mind for them. You can look at pictures of these alley systems online and be able to tell right away if their sides are sheeted or not.

Getting cattle to particular destinations around your property doesn't have to be difficult if you use a sorting alley system. You just need to make sure it's well built and designed in a way that suits your cow operations long-term. Ample research will help you find an optimal alley system.

Contact an agricultural supplier for more information on cattle sorting equipment.