Here's Why You Should Consider An Automatic Stall Waterer

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It is no doubt about how important water is to your horse. The source and availability of fresh water are key to the well-being of your horse. An automatic stall waterer provides your horses with a healthy water drinking option. It has a bowl that automatically maintains the water level with a closed and adjustable valve, ensuring that your horse has a constant supply of fresh drinking water. Below are some reasons you should consider an automatic equestrian stall waterer. 

Clean And Safe Drinking Water

Stagnant water ponds, tanks, and troughs can be contaminated with dirt, bugs, and algae, making the water unsafe to drink. The unsafe water can expose your horses to diseases, such as colic. Alternatively, if you use an automatic stall waterer, the water source is safe because it's kept beneath the ground. The refilling of the drinking bowl occurs as your horses drink the water, limiting foreign particles from entering. The functioning of an automatic waterer also prevents the formation of algae and mold since the water does not sit still for a long time.

Better Hydration For Horses

Horses experience dehydration when they lack enough water to support their normal body functioning. It makes them experience fatigue, weakness, and stiffness. A continuous water supply protects your horses against dehydration. Automatic stall waterers provide a constant supply of fresh water at comfortable temperatures. Automatic waterers are built to ensure horses have access to cooler water during summer and warmer water in the winter. Horses will drink more water if it is available in comfortable temperatures. Well-hydrated horses have a higher feed efficiency and perform better.


It's an exhausting experience to use buckets to give water to your horses. Horses consume a large amount of water; thus, if you use a bucket, you have the continuous task of refilling the water. An automatic watering system ensures convenience for you because it automatically refills the water. These systems save you the time you would use to refill the buckets and ensure you can perform other tasks instead of worrying about an overflowing bucket. The automatic waterers are also made to withstand the kicking and rubbing of horses which usually breaks the buckets or spills the water.


Automatic stall waterers are available in different shapes, sizes, materials, and colors. They offer your horse a water-drinking option that is healthy and consistent. You can contact the services of a professional to help you with the installation and maintenance of the automatic stall waterer.

Contact a local agricultural equipment supplier to learn more about automatic stall waterers.