Missing A Key Piece Of Equipment For Your Farm? How To Choose The Right Spool Trailer

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If you own a farm, you owe it to yourself to maintain the right equipment. If you're like most farm owners, you have your assortment of tractors, balers, and irrigation equipment. However, if you don't own a spool trailer, you may be selling yourself short. Spool trailers aren't just for industrial settings; they also come in handy in the agricultural setting. Here are four tips that will help you choose the right esp spool trailer for your farm. 

Choose the Proper Reel Size

When it comes to purchasing a spool trailer for your farm, you need to make sure that you choose the proper reel size. Choosing the wrong reel size can cause serious problems for you, especially where safety is concerned. You may think that choosing a trailer based on weight is the way to go, but that's not actually the case, especially where spool trailers are concerned. You also need to consider the diameter measurements of the spools you'll be hauling. Taking size and weight into consideration will help you avoid issues with balance and spool distribution. 

Consider Adjustable Reel Bars

If you know that the spools you'll be hauling will all have the same sized center holes, you can choose a standard reel bar. However, if you will be hauling spools that contain a variety of center hole sizes, you'll need your spool trailer to include an adjustable reel bar. A single-sized reel bar may not allow you to accommodate spools with varying center holes, which is where the adjustable reel bar comes into the picture. Your adjustable reel bar will allow you to safely haul a wider variety of spools. 

Ensure Highway Accessibility

When it comes to choosing your spool trailer, be sure to consider the roads it will be traveling on. If your spool trailer will remain on agricultural property at all times, you won't need to worry about highway accessibility. However, if you'll be using your spool trailer on multiple farm sites, you'll need to choose a model that's designed for highway use. 

Plan for Additional Uses

If your farm operates seasonally, there may be times when your spool trailer will not be in use. If that's the case, you'll want to choose a trailer that can be adjusted to accommodate additional uses. One way to do that is to choose a trailer with a removable spool attachment. That way, your spool trailer can also be used as a flatbed trailer.